Friday, October 26, 2007

Stars - Do you trust your friends?

I don't miss her like I miss people. I miss her like I miss addiction. So I don't know her, I know a memory.

I am too open with my nostalgia.


It seems nothing is nothing. I am nothing. I am a lose lose proposition. Here is my offering




Every ellipsis is a transition of time. After all, it is time that goes on without a fault.

The shape of our hearts do not match. The grass on our feet longs for separate soil.

It is my way or your way. I say, let's get beyond this. You say, we're into each other. what's on your mind? I say, we're into each other?

Sometimes she doesn't love him/he doesn't love her. And sometimes that's all there is.


Hi Grandma.
I watch her head. She is all round. She pesters me. I feel cheerful.


I am close to feeling. You are no tranquil child. Childlike is my natural state. At times it only works to say you when you mean me. At times I will say I when I am you.

But let me tell you what I think about when I am silent.

But that would be a crime.


When I think of responsibility it doesn't work. Writing is either a priority or it is a crime. It is never a virtue.
My purpose is not to be virtuous.


Ask yourself if you were expecting more. I expect the answer to be yes, more. I'm not I am


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yes, more.

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